Sustainable Shift

Senate Consulting is excited to share the first phase of our business transformation to reduce the impact our services have on our environment. 

We are proud of the service we deliver to our clients but also want to ensure these do not come at a cost to the planet. 

Today our business fleet of vehicles started their transition to full electric with the collection of 2 full electric Minis from Barrett’s Mini Ashford. The move to electric vehicles will reduce the total business CO2 emission by over 80%, with our overall business aim to be carbon neutral by 2025. 

John Walsh, Managing Director said “Reducing our impact is an important step for Senate Consulting, being conscious of the emissions / carbon we produce fits alongside our company ethics and working practices. In the coming months we will be transitioning further elements of our consumables to ensure our impact is reduced further”. 

To see details of the full scope of services senate offer, please click on the link here 

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