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We work hard to keep our relationships and are pleased that we have clients from when we started the company.

Senate started as a partnership in 1992 and has grown up around John Walsh as its founding director.

What did we do in 1992?  Senate started by helping any organisation on contract, commercial and safety matters, it did not matter how big or how small the appointment, we have always been there to help and support. We hold this value even today by taking on large and small appointments, helping people to the right successful outcomes.

Why Senate, our team approach is founded from the ideals of the original Senate. We have learned that in construction, partnering, teamwork and project success is enjoyable and successful when we have no surprises and cooperation.

Our ethics is underpinned by the values and ideology created by a Senate as then and today. For us, partnership with our clients means transparency, openness and regular communication. We like generating a one team approach, with enthusiasm and great performance.

Most of Senate’s work is by recommendation from our existing client base and some companies have been clients of Senate since 1992. We believe long term partnering shows great support from our clients and that our clients know that when we work for them that we are working as if we are them and with their best interests at heart. At all times, clients can call us and there will be a response from Senate.

Senate has been appointed to some of the largest well-known projects at senior levels, but we also work through the procurement tiers supporting clients commercially, contractually and with all aspects of Health & Safety whilst assuring value for money.

Senate has a team capable of delivering a wide breath of services including, but not limited to: Cost planning, contract and commercial management, CDM and health and safety, adjudication, arbitration advice and project controls. We just love development and construction at all levels.

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